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Research Projects

Art. 83 LOU Contracts

The Research Service is responsible for the management of contracts signed under Art. 83 of the LOU. It is also responsible for the financial management of the university's own degrees and university extension courses.


The University of Valladolid, in order to achieve the purposes entrusted to it by its Statutes, has the capacity to enter into agreements with other institutions and natural or legal persons, public and private, national or foreign, aimed at channeling the implementation of joint activities.

As a result of the complexity and variety of agreements in which the UVa intervenes, as well as the recent regulatory changes arising from the entry into force of Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, it is necessary to establish a guide that contemplates the basic aspects of the administrative procedure to be followed by the agreements managed by the General Secretariat of the UVa.

The guide will apply to the processing, approval, signing and monitoring of new agreements, renewals and addenda to existing agreements signed by the UVa.

Research Projects

The Own Research Projects (PIP) are research and/or knowledge transfer projects that are mainly financed with available resources generated in other research activities. This figure has been regulated by the Research Commission.