Prevention Information

The safety and health of the people who participate in or may be affected by a research project is an inherent and fundamental aspect of the project itself.

A viable and sustainable research project must consider these aspects.

Context of Prevention

  • In Spain: regulated by regulations, which can be found classified by different aspects at:
  • At the University of Valladolid:  summary of the context within the UVa (document)

Prevention Plan of the University of Valladolid:

At the University of Valladolid there is a risk assessment of each job and each workplace, you can consult it in the employee portal  (access with e-nif and password) by clicking on the drop-down boards and selecting Documents Risk Assessments, and there download all the files with the positions and places of your building).

The University of Valladolid integrates Occupational Risk Prevention in its:

Code of Good Research Practices (CBPI)

What should I know if I work with...?

Safety, prevention and other considerations