Megalithism, Recent Prehistory, Funerary Archaeology, Chronometry and C14, Transboundary Studies

Cristina Tejedor Rodríguez

Studies of the Past: History and Archaeology Durius: prehistoric research from the Douro River Institute for cultural promotion ARCADIA-FUNGE
My research career

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher of the Juan de la Cierva-Incorporation Programme in the Department of Prehistory, Archaeology, Social Anthropology and Historiographical T.C. at the University of Valladolid, where I also teach.

Since graduating from the University of Valladolid, I began a research career with more than fifteen years of experience. My outstanding record and the Extraordinary Undergraduate and Doctorate Prizes, have allowed me to win several pre- and post-doctoral contracts, which have led me to work in renowned research centres such as the Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit) of the CSIC and to carry out several research stays abroad.

Since 2006, I am part of the research team led by Professor of Prehistory Manuel Rojo Guerra, integrated in the Institute for Cultural Promotion Arcadia of the General Foundation of the UVa (FUNGE), although my collaboration dates back to 2001 as a participant in archaeological excavations.

The intense scientific activity of my team has led me to assume the scientific and technical direction of more than thirty archaeological interventions, including the Cova de Els Trocs (San Feliú de Veri, Huesca) and the dolmen of El Pendón (Reinoso, Burgos). I am the author of more than 70 scientific publications and 60 communications to national and international congresses and I have participated in about twenty R+D+i projects of regional, national, cross-border and international character, in some cases as principal investigator. In fact, I am currently leading the project "METOO: I was there too. Critical analysis of the under-representation of women in megalithic tombs (IV-III millennium BC) through osteoarchaeology", funded by the Programme of Grants to promote talent and the consolidation of emerging research teams of the University of Valladolid, in the 2021 call.

Since 2021, I hold the position of secretary of the journal of my Department, the BSAA Archaeology, being also external evaluator for several national and international scientific publications and for the State Research Agency since 2018.

My research

I am a prehistoric archaeologist. My scientific interests are characterised by interdisciplinarity, a diachronic perspective and a biographical theoretical-methodological approach. My contribution to the problem of the Neolithic period and the Campaniform phenomenon is wide-ranging, especially in the field of Megalithism. The study of contexts and material culture and chronometric and chronostratigraphic analyses, with special interest in the application of Bayesian statistics, are my fundamental working tools.

More specifically, a large part of my work, as well as my doctoral thesis "The survival of "megalithic uses" in the Douro/Douro valley throughout recent prehistory (IV-II millennium BC)", delve into the biographical approach to the interpretation of megalithic monuments, through the study of their recurrent use over time, implementing a chronometric methodology and a cross-border perspective (Spain/Portugal).

Another of the fundamental aspects of my career as a researcher is the dissemination of heritage. In this sense, my experience in the didactic-dissemination field has always been linked to a concern for the management, socialisation and valorisation of our historical-cultural heritage, with special emphasis on the megalithic, coordinating and collaborating in various activities such as archaeological magazines and documentaries, including several for RTVE, talks and workshops for children, exhibitions and archaeological routes, educational guides and manuals or historical advice projects.

You can find much of my work and that of my team in the following links, as well as follow the main findings and progress of our projects through the RRSS of the Institute of cultural promotion Arcadia: