UVa Research Survey Results

In order to obtain the HR Excellence seal of quality in research management at UVa, within the HRS4R strategy (Human Resource Strategy for Researchers) of the European Union, a survey was conducted among all researchers of the institution.

The survey was conducted as a thermometer to ascertain researchers' perception of the current situation at UVa in relation to these 40 principles between December 2017 and March 2018. It was divided into 5 major topics, i.e. research training, staff selection and recruitment, working conditions, ethical standards and intellectual property rights, and research dissemination.

Overall participation was 26%, having received 746 responses out of the 2825 questionnaires sent. It has been a success, being one of the Spanish university institutions with the highest number of questionnaires answered in the application for this seal.


There were 72 questions related to the 40 principles of the "Researcher's Charter and Code", with a scale from 1 to 7, where 4 is the "approved" score.

The overall result obtained was 4.1, with 65% of the questions passed (value greater than 4.0).

We have included a ranking of the best and worst rated questions. The maximum score was 5.9 and the minimum 2.2.


Below you can download the final documents:

Resumen Ejecutivo Informe Completo Datos en Tabla