Odor control - Olfactometry - Wastewater treatment - Waste management - Environmental impact

Manuel Toledo Padrón

Chemical Engineering Environmental Technology Institute for Sustainable Processes
My research career

I began my research career with a collaboration grant awarded by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, which awakened my interest in the research and academic field. In 2015, the current Ministry of Science and Innovation awarded me a competitive F.P.I. pre-doctoral contract, which enabled me to develop my research and teaching skills and abilities, participating in several research projects and contracts with companies. During this stage, I carried out two pre-doctoral stays in Alès (France) and Leipzig (Germany), I participated as a speaker in several national and international conferences, I was technical secretary and organiser of scientific conferences, I participated in several scientific dissemination activities with the obtaining of 2 research awards, and I took several postgraduate courses, which helped me to complement and develop new research skills. After the defence of my PhD thesis in 2018, I became a postdoctoral researcher in a Postdoctoral Orientation Period (POP) and obtained a postdoctoral contract abroad. This stage was of vital importance to consolidate my research experience abroad with a postdoctoral stay for 1 year in the Environmental Organic Chemistry and Technology (EnVOC) research group at the University of Ghent (Belgium). After this stage, I obtained a Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral contract from the Ministry of Science and Innovation at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of the University of Valladolid, which I am currently enjoying developing new strategies for the prevention of odour pollution in sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants.

My research

I study various lines of research including organic waste treatment, wastewater treatment and, more specifically, the quantification, minimisation and control of odours derived from such treatments. My research is related to waste management, environmental preservation, but also to the improvement of air quality, which affects health and well-being. Nowadays, the proper management and treatment of waste is of great relevance to society, not only because of the importance of waste recovery and recycling, but also because of the impact of waste management.

My vision is to put research at the service of today's society and its associated problems.